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Newborn Photoshoot FAQs

1. What's the Price?
We’ve 2 different packages and it starts from Rs.16000. Please check our pricing guide to know more about the package details and their deliverables. Click here to download the pricing guide.
2. What's the best discount?
We've done a throw market & feasibility study and designed highly competitive packages that will suites your requirement. Be sure that our package is the best in its category. However, there are some special cases where our representatives issued discounts. So please talk to our team.
3. Can we customize the package?
Yes, it's possible.
Our existing packages are very thoughtfully designed to meet the different needs of each one of you out there. in most cases, you just have to choose the one suitable for your requirements. If you still want customization or to understand more about it, please talk to our representative.
1. Do you have newborn photoshoot themes?
Yes. As we specialised in newborn photography, we have a numerous collection of themes, props, dresses, wraps, etc for the newborn photoshoot.
2. How do I select the newborn theme?
Once the booking is done, you will be given options to select the themes. If you wish to have any specific themes to be done, that needs to be discussed before the booking to check the viability.
3. Do you provide baby clothes for the photoshoot or should I arrange them?
Yes, we provide baby costumes for newborn photoshoots. Not just the dress, but everything related to themes and props.
4. Do you know to swaddle the baby?
Yes. We have a swaddling expert who has been performing swaddling and baby care for a very long time and does it at ease with the baby's comfort.
5. Do you provide gowns for parents?
No. As of yet, we have only maternity gowns. If you need you can check with your coordinator to avail it. Of course, it will be at an additional cost 🙂 The newborn's father will need to use his own costume as we don't provide it.
6. Should parents bring any props or toys for the photoshoot?
No. We will arrange everything needed for the themes. You may bring your baby's favorite rattle toys.
1. Do you click the parent & sibling photos as well?
Yes. Photos with the parents & siblings (own sisters/brothers, not cousins) are integrated as part of every package.
2. Do you provide Makeup or a gown for Mom & siblings?
It's an add-on, not included in the package. If Mommy needs makeup or a gown, should check with the team for booking. It can be arranged.
3. Can we bring grandparents for the photoshoot?
Yes. It is not part of the package. It can be done as an add-on. Charges are mentioned in the pricing guide.
4. Can we bring our pets?
Please check with us before booking. If possible, we will surely allow it. If allowed, it will consider as an add-on. changes are mentioned in the pricing guide.
1. Do you have a studio?
Yes. Tot In Shot has an exclusive baby photography studio. The studio is spacious & equipped enough and provides you with all the necessary facilities. such as large photoshoot areas, Newborn beanbags, feeding room, space heater, shushers, diaper change table, etc. Check out the studio
2. Where does the shoot conduct?
The shoot will be conducted in TIS exclusive baby photography studio unless we confirm otherwise in case of any situations. Check out the studio
3. Can you do the photo shoot at my house?
It's extremely difficult to transport all the necessary materials required for the photo shoot to your place to convert your house into a mini studio while it will also demand a large empty space in your house (12ft/15ft of empty space). If you cannot travel whatsoever, then we can consider the shoot at your location as long as the reasons are really valid and there will be additional travel charges.
4. What's the benefit of a photo shoot in your studio?
Have better facility, baby's utmost comfort for the shoot. A wide variety of materials can be used in photoshoots, better control of lights and themes, and as a result better photos.
1. What is a good time for a baby photography session?
After the newborn session, the best time to do the baby photoshoot is 6+ months when the baby starts sitting with or without support. One year cake smash session is one of the best things that can ever happen to a baby in the first year. So if you are looking out for a baby photoshoot, don't miss adding that to your plan.
2. What time of the day you can do the shoot?
There are 2 slots in a day, Morning between 09.00 AM to 1.00 PM, and the afternoon between 02.00 PM to 06.00 PM. You can choose the slot based (if both the slots are open).
3. How long the shoot may take?
It completely depends on 2 major things. 1 - number of themes. 2 - How well baby corporate.
For a package of 2 themes, it may take about 3 hours including prep up, feeding, photoshoot, bath (in case of cake smash), Photos with patents, etc.
4. When will I get the photos?
The Raw photos will be delivered within 24 hours of the session. Edited images will be shared within 20 Days of the photoshoot.
1. How long in this business and what's your experience?
Tot In Shot Maternity & baby Photography started in 2020. Ever since our team has partnered with hundreds of customers to capture delightful memories of important times in their life. The entire team is well trained to deliver to the best of their abilities to fulfill your expectation.
2. Do you have trained photographers for babies?
Yes. All our photographers are trained and certified by a number of renowned photography experts around the world. They have been trained well in Photography, Lighting, Post Production (editing). Also, we have trained and experienced professionals in baby care.
2. How TIS is different from others?
  • Economical price with best-in-class photos.
  • Process-oriented team.
  • Always walks the extra mile to provide a delightful experience.
  • Integration of Cutting-edge technology.
  • Large no. of Props, themes, and everything is well planned.
3. How does Tot In Shot ensure that the shoot is conducted as clients expected?
For the shoot to happen the way you want it to happen, we strictly follow the process.
The TIS team ensures to give you all the necessary information before you book the photoshoot. Our team will understand your expectations and accept the assignment only if it's possible to deliver by us. Our pre-shoot consultation process ensures to deep dive into the nuances of your requirements. A well-designed plan will be shared with you well in advance to ensure that the preparation is progressing as per your expectation. We provide you with a dedicated baby care expert to ensure your baby's comfort during the session. TIS client relationship management team will remain in constant touch with you right from the booking till the time of photo delivery to ensure everything is progressing the way you expected.
1. How to book the photoshoot?
Check the slot availability with our team. Choose the best package and pay the booking fee on our website. Payment link
2. What are the modes of payment?
We accept almost all online payment modes such as UPI, Debit & Credit cards, NEFT, IMPS, Amex, Etc.
3. Can the shoot date be changed after booking?
Yes. It is possible to change the shoot date once after booking with prior notice of 2 weeks.
4. Cancellation policy?
  • The booking fee is nonrefundable in case of the cancellation is from your end. However, you will be able to take another available service with us. Ie, If maternity shoot can be changed to Newborn or Baby Photoshoot. This needs to be discussed with and approved by Tot In Shot.
  • If the cancellation is from Tot In Shot, the full amount will be refunded.
  • In case of natural calamities, pandemics, or any such instances, the shoot can either be postponed or the booking fee can be refunded upon cancellation.
5. When should I pay the final amount?
Booking is done with 50% payment of the actual price. The balance amount is to be paid on the same day as the photoshoot.

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